Town of Star Valley Ranch, WY

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

A pleasant country setting, where the entire community enjoys the beauty of nature, family and friends, recreation, peace and diversity.

Mission Statement

To make the Town of Star Valley Ranch a great place to live. Our focus will be to enhance our culinary water system, improve our roads, and public safety for all citizens, property owners, and visitors.


On October 23, 2006, the United States Census Bureau in Washington notified the Town of Star Valley Ranch of its official certification of the Special U.S. Census that was conducted in July of 2006. The new official population statistic, to be utilized by several agencies henceforth, is 1,567 per 2010 Census.

Town Established

Pursuant to Wyoming State Statute: 15-1-206.

Notice of election results; filing thereof; completion date.

"(b) The incorporation (of a town) is complete when all requirements have been complied with and officers for the city or town have been elected and qualified."

The Town of Star Valley Ranch met all the requirements of incorporation and duly elected its officers as of November 8, 2005.